learn to sew

HI DARLINGS! This time in our lives has been unreal and so scary. Several weeks ago I was overwhelmed with requests to make a tutorial for a FACE MASK. I did a step by step with a download for the PATTERN on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL but I thought I would post it here on the blog too.

I have almost 1.3 Million views on this video and have received so many emails from you guys telling me you have made 100 masks, 300 masks, 500 masks for donating, for friends and family and that makes me feel so happy that I was able to help in some very small way.


As the founder of SEW IT ACADEMY, an online fashion sewing, and design school, I have offered a free trial that will teach you all the basics like working a sewing machine, basic stitches, sewing in a straight line, etc. Once you are done with the four courses in the trial you will be fully equipped to make yourself a mask. The trial is FREE, no credit card needed and no obligation.


In case you missed it below is the video as well as a link to print a PRINTABLE PATTERN or a MEASUREMENT PATTERN that you can use to draw your own if you are unable to print. I have been asked about using the mask for kids and what I have done is decreased the percentage I use to print. For an adult, you print at 100% (actual size) and for kids, I minimize the size, you can do 80% for most kids ages 6-9 and maybe try 50% for infants or toddlers. Play with the percentage until you get a size that fits for your child.



If you would like to add a pocket for a filter this is what you will do. When you get to the end where you turn the sides under and stitch catching the lining simply leave one side of the lining loose from the stitching. Below is a picture.