HI DARLINGS! I thought I would do something different today and if you like it I will do more of this. I have a ZARA double-breasted sweater that I love and since I recently got some great sweater knits from MOOD FABRICS ( I posted the haul on my IG HERE) I decided I would rub off the sweater to make a pattern and show you some of the steps. I also then decided that I wanted to make “FLOATING POCKETS” Have you ever seen a tailored jacket or coat that has patch pockets but no visible topstitching or stitching and seams on the inside of the pocket! You wonder how did they attach that pocket? Well, I am gonna show you. The term is actually “BLUFF POCKET” but since it looks like its just floating on your jacket I call it floating pocket, lol.

Another thing I thought I would share in this post is the inside of my sweater, I love finishing my garments but realized I never show that so I plan to share more often. My friend ERICA BUNKER and I started a new IG PAGE called SEW IT PRO where we will be sharing more advanced tips and techniques, books we love, other advanced sewists and more, go FOLLOW!

HERE is a link to my fabric.


This is my Zara sweater and I love it so much! I wanted to be able to make it in other fabrics so I created a pattern. First I laid it flat and used my weights to hold it in place and using the tip of my pencil I marked through the seams onto my paper.  After I get my initial shape I go back and measure key places like my shoulders, length etc. to make sure they match my new pattern. I used the other front to lay over my pattern so I could mark my buttonholes and pocket placement.  I did the same thing for the back and sleeves.


(click picture to enlarge)