HI DARLINGS! Today’s post is all about my DIY trousers using Simplicity #9381 with a sew-along. These pants are so freaking awesome and so comfy to wear. I designed this pattern with comfort in mind and wanted trousers that I could wear with sneakers, and I would still look great. I just filmed the sew-along for these DIY trousers so that you can watch it now on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I also uploaded the sew-along for #9379, my knit dress; I posted it HERE.

I wanted to start filming more sew-along this month, but with so much going on since the opening of Melanated Fabrics in Atlanta, my time has been seriously limited. It has been a big undertaking, but we are so proud of it and have received great feedback from customers. In addition, we just restocked the store with new fall fabrics, many of which will be great for these DIY trousers.


One of the things I love about a great pants pattern is that you can make them out of so many fabrics and get completely different looks. For example, I made these DIY trousers in blue suiting that I had in my stash for a long time, but I can just as easily make them from rayon or light-weight denim. We have a ton of new suiting coming to MELANATED FABRICS this week so stay tuned for that.


As I made these DIY trousers, I wondered why I don’t make more pants from print fabrics. I always love pants in funky prints when I see them, but for some reason, I always reach for solid fabrics instead. I think I am going to try to be more adventurous next time and try using one of our rayon prints or plaid fabrics.


Ok, so I am not going to review my own pattern, but I will share a few things. If you are not following my sew-along, these are still pretty simple to make. The fly front is pretty straight forward and if you have done one before, you should have no problems. I always suggest that you sew the inseam first and baste your side seams so that you can fit them and make any adjustments before serging or attaching the waistband.


I wore m DIY trousers with this adorable sweater knit top from Target, my Gucci sunglasses, and my leopard print heels but you can style these many different ways, here are few options:

  • Booties, cami and denim jacket
  • Sneakers, tee, and a leather jacket
  • Sweater, sneakers and trench jacket
  • Button up shirt, heels and blazer for a classic look