Hi Darlings!! I have had the most amazing week and it’s only Wednesday lol! I am still in NY and then I am off to DC, but after that I get to go home and sit still (travel wise) for a whole month and I cant wait. I have been so inspired that I am ready to get home and do some sewing, create new projects and launch that new “thing” I mentioned last week. I am not ready to get your feedback yet so I am going to wait until I get back home to share and get you guys involved.

Okay….This is the outfit I wore to my Passion to Profit Seminar in Houston (NYC REGISTRATION OPEN) and everyone loved it. I got it on clearance at ZARA but you may still be able to find it in stores. The jeans are from GAP and these heels were a clearance find a few years ago at Steve Madden, I got them for $15! Alright darlings, I will see you tomorrow xoxo

CAFTAN750 CAFTAN4 caftan9 caftan7 caftan8 caftan6 CAFTAN3 CAFTAN2 caftan5