HI DARLINGS! I have received so many messages asking if we have gotten our wedding pics back from our photographer and the answer is YES! I know that because we chose to keep our ceremony private many of you wanted to see pictures of the actual wedding so I thought I would give you guys a full WEDDING WEEK and share the day as it happened. So over the next 4 days, starting today, I will be sharing images of our wedding party photos, our ceremony, and our reception, and on day 5 I will share our wedding video! I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for all the love.

Today I am sharing pics of the “Getting Ready” stage, take a look at the moments before the ceremony with our bridesmaids and groomsmen and family. My girlfriend Candice, who by the way made her daughter’s flower girl dress (she is so talented!) wasn’t able to get there early so we missed her in some of the pics of us with no makeup on and looking fresh-faced, I think she did that on purpose, LOL!!