Hi Darlings,  I get asked a lot about posting tips, tricks and design elements so I thought I would start a “Tuesday Tip” edition to the blog. I am not sure what every week will be about but I will be sharing either a tip, a trick or a design element you can try like the DIY Step-by-Step for the pocket below.

I saw this style pocket on a $150 jacket and thought oh that looks easy, lol so I thought I would give you a pocket design you can add to a jacket, skirt or dress pattern to add a little flare. xoxoDIYOkay you are going to need to cut the following one piece 6.5″ x 6.5″ and one 9″ high by 8″ widesquares Fold the 6.5″ square in half and pressfold on the 9×8″ piece measure up 4″ and make a tiny snip into your fabric. 4-inches Then measure across the top (width) 3″ and make a snip3-inches Now fold at the snips and pressprssed This what your pieces should look like now. corener-pressTopstitch along the fold of the pressed edge on both and on the half triangle topstitch again 5/8″ from first stitching line as shown below.topstitchNow over lap the triangle by 1 1/4″ across the top and on the side, pin and baste in place.overlap overlap-2 pin-baste baste Now press all around 5/8″ pressed-2 Your pocket should now look like this…pressed Pin it in place on your garment…pin-it Stitch along the edge all the way around your pocket.finished-closedThat’s it, you have a cool new pocket! finished