HI DARLINGS! I tried to get a tip done in time for today but I had something unexpected come up this week that messed my schedule completely up! I hate when that happens…don’t you? So I thought I would do the next best thing and share some instructional videos from a friend that I think are FANTASTIC!

This is Joy Macdonell… She has a great way of explaining everything she is doing and telling you why she is doing it. As part of the Simplicity team I can vouch for her myself. This video is a wonderful for learning to sew with knits.

If you attending this years conference (sold out) you will have the pleasure of meeting Joy!

This video is also really great! It has 5 really useful tips for sewing with denim which you will need to know for some upcoming projects I will be doing soon 😉

You can find Joy on CreativeBug and Craftsy