Hi Darlings! Well I am back from NY and I couldn’t be happier about how my final Passion To Profit NY turned out. We had a  great time but now I am playing catch up so today I leave you with just a little post letting you know that I will be posting a recap of Passion To Profit NY for you guys to see some pics. Tieko and I will be posting some #TiekoandMimiTakeNY pics on the TiekoandMimi.com blog too I just need a few days to get back on track…this always happens when I travel, lol but next week we are back to the normal posting schedule here on Mimi G Style and I am so HAPPY that I don’t have any major travel to do for at least two months!! Yay me!!!

As you can see from the pic I stopped into the Simplicity offices while in NY to go over my SPRING/SUMMER DESIGNS! I cant wait for you to see them. As always thank you for the love and support and I will see you next week.

Here are a few pics of me at Simplicity… xoxo

IMG_1592 Simp1 simp2