HI DARLINGS! Happy Friday. I am so excited to be moving into our new house on Sunday, it has been just insane around here and I can’t wait to get settled in and back to work. I wanted however to post this look because I wanted to share that the  SEW ALONG VIDEOS for my new SIMPLICITY PATTERNS are up. I have been traveling non-stop so I had BRITTANY J. JONES film the videos for me, she did a great job so p[lease let her know that in the comments.

The pants I have on today are my NEW #8889 VIEW B PANTS and I love them! This bright yellowcotton sateen is so fun and you can sew-along with the video below.


This amazing t-shirt is hand paisnted my freind CRISTINA and she is seeling these beauties, she has so many beautifulk water color faces you gotta check out, please visit her shop! CRISTINATUDOR.COM