HI DARLINGS! I know I tend to get a little lazier with my workouts during the holidays so this year I was determined to stay on track. I have lost a healthy 14lbs in the last three months, and I certainly don’t want to fall back into my old habits. I will admit that going out for my runs in the mornings has gotten harder to do because it gets so chilly! I don’t like the cold which is why I live is LA but even here some mornings can get pretty cold.dsc02566When I partnered with OLD NAVY again this month, I knew exactly what was coming home with me. OLD NAVY’S GO-WARM collection is perfect for staying warm during my runs and also really great for layering. I am obsessed with this FULL ZIP JACKETI love that it’s so lightweight and keeps me nice and warm.dsc02660dsc02807When it gets a little colder than usual I layer with my favorite OLD NAVY GO-WARM FLEECE JACKET and wear my OLD NAVY GO-WARM COMPRESSION LEGGINGS… Let me tell you ladies these leggings are so warm!!dsc02782dsc02734 dsc02858 dsc02794 dsc02863 dsc02719 dsc02866Check out your local OLD NAVY and stay warm during your workouts!

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