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HELLO DARLINGS! If you haven’t already noticed I have been talking a lot about health and fitness and how it all relates to my overall wellbeing. Well a big part of my routine is my sleeping pattern which I have spoken about several times here through my collaboration with Sleep Number® so when they offered to send me their amazing bedding I was super excited.SHEETS-SETOne of the most difficult things for me during sleep is keeping my body temperature cool because for some reason when I sleep my body gets really hot, and I use to wake up literally sweating! Since having my Sleep Number i8 bed that has changed a lot, but I still find myself really warm especially during these super-hot California days.PILLOWAI got a chance to choose some Sleep Number® bedding I wanted, and so I was really excited to see that the Smart Classic bedding is also designed to keep your body from overheating so I stay dry. So here is the really weird thing about me…I can’t sleep without a blanket no matter how warm I am so having temperature controlled sheets and blankets is simply amazing. Aside from the temp control the Smart Classic sheets are so smooth and soft! And the Ultra-Light Down Alternative Comforter is hypoallergenic and machine washable.SHEETSAfter I work out, spend all day working, come home, make dinner, get the kids ready for the next day and finally get chance to sit and relax, I love that I can come to my room lay on my bed and feel great. The body needs time to heal and replenish after long days so why not make your bed a little piece of soft, comfy, temperature controlled heaven? lol.DSC09959I loved the sheets and comforter so much I got one for my daughter’s room! She is big into her bedding and décor so we picked the purple comforter for her room and she loves it!IMANI-2 IMANI-1I have made a lot of changes to my eating habits and sleep patterns and of course have started to be more physically active so it only makes sense that I take my sleep and comfort just as serious. To learn more about Sleep Number® and Sleep Number® bedding visit the links below.

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