HI DARLINGS! I hope you all had a great weekend. As you can see from this post me and the kids had a blast. I am not a traditional girl when it comes to staying active so I try to find ways that help me burn calories, get my body moving and include the kids.

I work long hours so anytime we get a chance to go to the park and play we take it and OLD NAVY ACTIVE gear makes it easy to look and feel great while we wear ourselves out, lol.dsc00207 If you look at being active as a “fun” thing to do you will never feel like you are exercising. dsc00145 My daughter loves climbing trees and she especially loves doing it in her leopard print OLD NAVY ACTIVE LEGGINGS. She is also wearing this great RACERBACK TANKdsc00060 dsc00028 dsc00296My baby boy is always on his skateboard so it goes everywhere we go. He picked out his activewear and loves his LAYER TIGHTS because he says they keep his legs warm when he wears his BASKETBALL SHORTS, lol. dsc00411 dsc00150 dsc00449 For me the most important things are being comfortable in my ACTIVE GEAR and especially having on the best SPORTS BRAS and OLD NAVY has a great selection of leggings that have great coverage and sports bras that keep things in place. I am wearing the GO-DRY HIGH-RISE COMPRESSION CROPSdsc00491My baby girl loves to dance so being able to move freely is everything to her.dsc00348 Grab some pillowcases and race! These kids were so fast, lol they left me in the dust.dsc00563 dsc00595 dsc00394 dsc00312 dsc00044 dsc00075 After hours of running, jumping and horsing around I was beat! I hope you are inspired to get outdoors, and think of being active as something fun you can do with the whole family. Make sure to visit your local OLD NAVY for all your activewear needs and enjoy up to 40% OFF the OLD NAVY ACTIVE SALE… Hurry it ends on 9/14!dsc00497

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