HI DARLINGS! This time of year is a reflective time. Although we should tell the people we love how we feel all year round, the holidays seem like an extra special time; that’s why I love giving my friends and family Hallmark Signature cards. I don’t know about you but my friends and family are extraordinary people so I couldn’t just give them an ordinary card.dsc09452I selected unique Hallmark Signature  cards for the women in my life who have been so special to me over the last year and a half. I had a pretty difficult two years as some of you may know, and I relied heavily on these women to get me through the day. My mother is the strongest woman I know and has always been my greatest cheerleader. During the last two years especially she reminded me that I was strong when I felt weak, that I was loved when I felt alone, and that I would pull through it when I felt I couldn’t. This holiday season I find myself in such a great place, and I have her to thank for it.

The other two very special women in my life are my two oldest daughters. They have been encouraging and supportive of the difficult choices I had to make and always showed me a tremendous amount of love and kindness. They may not even realize how much I relied on their laughter. Having adult daughters helps me to stay focused and continue being an example to them. I hope you are inspired to share how much friends and family mean to you with a Hallmark Signature card. Here are few really beautiful cards I plan to send to my friends and family.Hallmark Signature cards are available in the card aisle wherever Hallmark cards are sold. Click HERE to find a Hallmark Signature store near you!

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