HI DARLINGS! I think the first question from most everyone I know when they found out we were engaged was “Are you making your dress?” lol my response was NO. I know to so many it sounds crazy that I wouldnt make my own dress but there is a huge difference in “designing it” and “making it” I choose to design it and let someone else sew it.

I realized first and foremost that I just didn’t have the time and that attempting to do it anyway would stress me the hell out and I would be adding pressure to an already hectic time between work and wedding planning. I was, however, able to go have the experience I longed for, try on dress after dress after dress and twirl around like a princess.

After trying on a ton of dresses I realized that did not want the silhouette I thought I did and that all the dresses had something I loved but not one had everything I loved so the designer of the gowns I was leaning towards was nice enough to let me pick apart her dresses and design my dress with all the features I wanted! She was amazing, I talked and she sketched, lol. I do plan to make my reception dress so I am hoping to get started on that asap.

I can’t wait to go do my first fitting in April. I did, however, think it would be fun to show you pics of some the dresses I did try.  Ultimately having a custom designed dress was the way for me to go and I am so excited. Here is a look at some others.