HI DARLINGS! I wish I had more to share today but I am feeling a little tired and Im just trying to get my day going. I did however need to share my latest DIY dress. I drafted it from a basic block that I have and created the sleeve from a magazine pic I saw.

Before you ask… the video tutorial on making this sleeve will be posted here tomorrow…yay!!! The fabric is from THE FABRIC STORE here in Los Angeles. I don’t know if they have any left but you can certainly call them and find out.

My shoes are from some random store at my local mall, I saw them and was in love! I hope you like the dress and enjoy tomorrow sleeve tutorial. I might consider making a tutorial on making the whole dress…maybe?dsc06299 dsc06096 dsc06134 dsc06155 dsc06380 dsc06057 dsc06121 dsc06428 dsc06184 dsc06352 dsc06387 dsc06071 dsc06366 dsc06400 dsc06124 dsc06409 dsc06196sig12

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