HI DARLINGS! I know I am a few days late but here is what we made in the SEW IT ACADEMY in July. I wanted to start sharing these posts and videos because I want everyone to see all the different things we cover. This skirt was self-drafted and one of the things we teach in SEW IT ACADEMY is how to draft your patterns. I used a crinkle chiffon similar to THIS but you can make this skirt out of a lot of great fabrics like cotton, rayon, challis, silk types, etc.

This is course #36 so it’s more for the intermediate/advanced students but as you start the SIA you will increase skill level with each course so that you don’t ever become overwhelmed. Now we always encourage students who sign up to follow the courses IN ORDER this assures you learn with a great foundation but of course, we have students of all levels so much like NETFLIX, you can log in and access whichever course you want.


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