HI DARLINGS! Okay, I am going to leave you with how I styled the RED JACKET since I have teased you all week with it. I usually dump my closet every couple months of all the stuff I have made and let me friends take most of it but this jacket is not going anywhere! I spent so much time on it that I will be wearing this jacket when I am 80 years old LOL! You can check out Norris’s post on his blog later today at NORRISDANTAFORD.COM

STYLED IT: I wore one of my favorite dresses from Urban Outfitters and my favorite shoe (you all know this) from Jessica Simpson. The awesome ring is a vintage find and I LOVE it.DSC00977 DSC00794 DSC01126 DSC00806 DSC01059 DSC00788 DSC01067 DSC01035 DSC00800 DSC01076 DSC00901 DSC01009 DSC01145 DSC01071 DSC00999 DSC00887 DSC01053 DSC00771 DSC01041 DSC00891 DSC01108 DSC01094 IMG_3548

Thank you SIMPLICITY, FISKARS, FABRIC.COM, BABYLOCK, THE FABRIC STORE and MICHAEL LEVINE for supporting this years 6th annual and final conference!