HELLO DARLINGS! You guys know I am always looking to keep my babies happy and healthy, like all moms do so when I partnered up with Olly I was really excited to see how the kids would react to their new vitamins.  olly4 Sometimes it can be a little hard to decide when you are trying make the right choices for your kids so these 4 smart options are great because they cater my kids individual needs. They have the “Happy Tummy”, Super Brainey, Growing Bones and Mighty Immunity.

*Make sure to check out he amazing giveaway at the end of this post*DSC09374 olly2 My son suffers from growing pains so we make sure that he takes “Growing Bones” I want to make sure he gets all the nutrition he needs. Olly gummies and softgels get their delicious flavors and fun colors from all natural sources. Plus they include powerful antioxidant extracts from hard-working ingredients like cacao and green tea.olly3 Olly1 My daughter prefers the “Super Brainy” because she says it makes her smarter than her brother, LOL! DSC09439I just appreciate the fact that they actually ask to take them because they taste yummy and that they are getting what their little minds, bodies and tummies need. As you can see they apparently also make my son feel like a super hero 😉superheroDSC09257

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