HI DARLINGS! You may have noticed I posted some pics on my IG last week at a roller skating ring with the kids. Well, OLD NAVY had a really cool event showcasing their #DENIMMOVES campaign and the CRAZY STRETCHY jeans BUILT IN SCULPT jeans. I got a pair of the black high waist jeans and let me tell you I think if I was physically capable (I am not) I could do the split in those jeans.

Stretch is so important in really good jeans so that they move with your body and you don’t end up with saggy knees or a gap in the back. What makes these really great is that they literally pull and lift in all the right places, lol! The kids and I had a great time and will be going back so I can learn to skate.

Check out my jeans and our day at the event…

DSC08727 DSC08763 DSC08798 DSC08854 As soon as we arrived the kids went straight to the counter to grab skates…I watched, LOL!DSC08821 DSC09007 DSC09028 I promise you I have no idea how my kids know how to skate… I think kids are born with automatic skills.DSC08906 DSC09172 I sat there pondering how I could sneak those awesome suede skates into my waist bag…aka fanny pack, lol!DSC09077 DSC09216DSC08815

Check out OLD NAVY HERE and try a pair of these BUILT IN SCUPLT JEANS…trust me and they have them in plus sizes too!

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