Hi Darlings, I’m so excited to share our trip with you guys. I like many others have never really considered New Orleans a “family friendly” place to vacation. Unfortunately, it has a reputation of being a party driven city, including the ever popular Mardi Gras, of which I learned a lot about. Surprisingly NOT at all what I have come to know from the media, movies and pictures. There is also Bourbon Street, which is riddled with tourist and pretty much held up to its reputation. I hope you get to see a little of why we fell head over heels with the New Orleans and would recommend this trip to everyone! We had a pretty full itinerary every day that we were in NOLA so I will need to post this trip over several posts.

When we were given the chance to visit New Orleans and experience the family friendly and history filled city, we took it! My job was easy; I needed to take my family on a one-week vacation to enjoy all that the city of New Orleans had to offer and show that there is SO MUCH MORE to the city than what we have all come to know.

We arrived on a Monday and as soon as we hit the ground we went looking for food, but first we had to check into our hotel. We stayed at the gorgeous luxury hotel just minutes from the French Quarter, Windsor Court. The hotel was not only beautiful, but it had such character and charm that we instantly fell in love. The staff was beyond helpful, very attentive and took great care of use during our stay.



It was very nice of New Orleans Tourism to deliver such a lovely gift to our hotel room. The kids hardly gave me time to take a pic of the goodies before ripping into those macaroons.


When we return from our first dinner we had yet another tasty treat courtesy of the Windsor Hotel.


 After we checked in and dropped our bags we went off to grab a bite and walk the neighborhood. Our first stop was at Mothers for an early dinner. We all shared the plates below and my personal favorite was the catfish and shrimp étouffée.


 After stuffing our faces we needed to walk it off and since the fashion angels love me they placed an amazing designer outlet just minutes from my hotel, lol! The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk is an upscale outlet center with 75 retailers and restaurants on the bank of the majestic Mississippi River.



After a long flight, eating and walking we were exhausted, so off we went to take a nap. After waking up a few hours later we drifted over to Drago’s to grab some more food, and the hubby wanted to try their chargrilled oysters which they are known for. He loved them, I don’t do oysters but I will say that the butter and garlic they were sitting in was tasty.




On day two we got up nice and early and took a cab over to Elizabeth’s for breakfast. I think this was our favorite breakfast during our visit! The praline bacon was amazing! and the deep fried banana bread was seriously sinful.



After breakfast we headed off to enjoy a walking tour of the Garden District. Our tour guide was Jane Orr and she was great! I love learning the history behind the places we visit and having the kids learn while having fun is the best. They had a great time asking Jane questions. The entire tour was filled with great information, amazing stories and a really great understanding of the “American” sector and the “Creole vs. American” conflict. We were able to see some gorgeous homes, some of whom belonged to Ann Rice, Sandra Bullock and John Goodman. This tour is a must for visitors and locals!


Our walking tour then took us through the Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 which is the oldest of the seven city operated cemeteries. The tour included stories, history, and architectural styles of the tombs.



As you can imagine we worked up an appetite after the walking tour and ended up on Magazine Street at Juan’s Flying Burrito.


The rest of the day was spent walking, talking, laughing and taking a nap before dinner, lol!! The kids were beat and the hubby and I were more than happy to join them for a family snooze fest. Funny enough we acclimated to the weather pretty quickly although it does make you sleepy. It was hot and sticky but none of us really had a problem with it. We figured with the walking and the sweating we would burn off the calories of all the food we were eating. Speaking of food again…..We had dinner at SoBou and let me tell you we LOVED IT! It was a favorite for the entire family and we went back twice during our visit. It was so good in fact that I didn’t even get to take pictures of what we had because we ate it too fast…both times!

We have raised the kids to be little foodies so taking them to restaurants is always fun because they are game for anything, even the Foie gras. I must give a shout out to the staff at SoBou, because not only were they the most hospitable group of people but they were funny and charming and really treated us like stars.


We ended our evening at the ever popular Cafe Du Monde where we enjoyed not one, not two, but THREE plates of Beignets, lol! I left this heavenly place with powdered sugar all over my clothes. Thank goodness we decided to walk back to the hotel after this because I was so full!!


As you can see we had a very busy first two days and I have so much more to share. I hope you enjoyed viewing the city through our eyes and I will see you in a few days with Part 2 of our trip.


#followyournola *Trip sponsored by New Orleans*