HI DARLINGS! Here is my other FALL SIMPLICITY PATTERN, I was going to post tomorrow, but something amazing just came up, and I won’t have time to post, so today it is! I also have to record my upcoming PODCAST EPISODE, so ya girl is busy. If you haven’t checked out my PODCAST or know what I am talking about, lol read THIS POST. You can get the patterns now by ORDERING ONLINE since you already know they will be sold out as soon as they get in stores!


Okay I know I am going get a ton of questions so here it is, I used a heavyweight double knit for the navy and a mid-weight double knit for the gray. The ribbon does not come in red and blue, so I stitched the blue thinner grosgrain ribbon over the red then attached it. The top is a jersey, and you can make it out of any stretchy knit. The pants can be made from a stretch woven; I have a pair I am making in denim which I can’t wait to show you.