HI DARLINGS! I am so freaking excited about these NEW FALL PATTERNS which have started arriving in stores and should be up on the SIMPLICITY.COM website soon. I get excited about all my new patterns but these are amazing, if I do say so myself. As usual, I will share the other pattern tomorrow but today I am talking about this fantastic duster and pants.

The wonderful thing about this NEW FALL PATTERN is that you can wear the jacket on its own or the pants on their own and get two completely different looks. I am currently working on filming the sew-along for these patterns which will be up soon.


I got the fabric from MOOD and I wish I could tell you that this beautiful print is available but sadly it’s not, I bought the last of it. You can see however that you can use a great bold print or even do a print and a solid or a color-blocked version as you see here.