HI DARLINGS! Okay so about a month ago I finally started my journey into shoemaking. It had been a long time coming since almost 8 years ago I bought a pdf book on making shoes but it was very outdated and just made it all seem too complicated. I forgot all about it until last year when I bought I Can Make Shoes book and signed up for her SHOEMAKING COURSE (if you use code MIMIG you get 10% off the course) I still didn’t get started because the list of supplies was long, lol and I didn’t feel like sourcing it all BUT the creator, Amanda, was kind enough to send me the basic tool kit to get started and I went off to buy leathers and other supplies I needed. Within a week I was making my first pair. I made a pair of sneakers prior to this which you can see HERE but this is a different process altogether.

I learned so much and felt so equipped to make my next pair which I did and post on my IG. This pair is very special to me because I never imagined I could make my own shoes! The first pair above is far from perfect but they are amazing to me and really comfortable.

I am for sure obsessed and making shoes like crazy! This is how I styled my first pair of DIY shoes.