HI DARLINGS, I am so excited to share my new ONLINE SEWING SCHOOL… SEW IT! It will be launching next month and I am so thrilled. I have been doing video tutorials for so long and I have had so much success with teaching so many of you to sew but this online sewing school is a little different. I will be doing full courses for BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATES and KIDS! Not just one-off projects but a COMPLETE AND COMPREHENSIVE course!

sew750 We will be launching May 9th with the BEGINNERS SEWING COURSE where I will cover EVERYTHING you need to know about learning to sew, from turning your sewing machine on and understanding what everything is, to creating your very own clothes. These videos will give you a complete overview of the skills and tools you’ll need to build your sewing foundation. Sewing is FUN and SEXY! 

TELL YOUR FRIENDS! If you know a friend, family member or you want to learn yourself
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