HI DARLINGS! If you are just checking in and have missed my ME MADE MUST HAVE PLANS for January check out  THESE posts. Today is #8 of 1o and tomorrow when I post the final two worn together (denim jacket and t-shirt dress) that will be my final 10, but really it’s 11 because I made both the jacket and sweatpants in this post!

I made my first tracksuit in December (POSTED HERE), and I fell in love with making them. It allows me to make something super comfy but chic and fun. This time BABE and I decided to make ourselves tracksuits in velvet.

I used SIMPLICITY 8418 for my jacket, and my pants are self-drafted. I love this SIMPLICITY pattern, it has raglan sleeves which allowed me to add the satin ribbon to my sleeves, has nice big side seam pockets, it is lined, and it sews up quickly. I added satin ribbon to my pants and used a black and white rib knit cuffing (found on Amazon). My STRETCH VELVET is from MICHAEL LEVINE and I am already working on my next one, lol!

Steve Madde Booties | Chili Bean Sunnies | DIY Tracksuit