HI DARLINGS! I get asked about fitting all the time…It’s the toughest hurdle to overcome when you learn to sew but with time, practice, good instruction you will soon learn YOUR body and what fit adjustments you need. All our bodies are different so fitting becomes a very personal thing.

I plan to cover fit issues on the blog but I wanted to share two books that taught me SO MUCH!! I am telling you to run and get these two books if you don’t buy anything else because they are clear and easy to understand.

First one is FIT FOR REAL PEOPLEDSC00449 The easiest way to learn is to see the process and to see it on people. The book uses tissue patterns to show you how to test, fit and adjust according to the lines, bulges or pulling you see in the mirror.fit The next book is PANTS FOR REAL PEOPLEDSC00438 This book is life! Pants are probably the hardest thing to learn to fit because our lower bodies have so many curves, dips, bumps, LOL! so the easiest way to figure out what needs fitting is to look at the lines and wrinkles that happen when you have bad fitting pants on.DSC00442 This books covers every possible fit issue you could have and tells you how to fix it with learn and easy to understand illustrations. DSC00448

I hope this will be helpful to and I promise you will not regret these two books.

Order HERE and HERE