HI DARLINGS! I had to share this from my recent 10 day biz trip. My honey, NORRIS and I checked into out Airbnb when we go to NY and realized there was a historical cemetery just minutes from where we were staying. We started to make our way over after realizing the amazing BASQUIAT is buried there so we went on a legit burial hunt to find his resting place. It was really amazing to see how many people had left small tokens like paint brushes and paint supplies for him.

What we didn’t realize was how GORGEOUS  that cemetery is. It is truly a peaceful and beautiful place.

While making our way I started to research who else was buried there and lo and behold ELIAS HOWE JR. inventor of the sewing machine. WHAT ARE THE ODDS! that we would come across that… a total surreal moment. We stood there appreciating the fact that had it not been for him I wouldn’t be doing what I absolutely love to do.

*From Green-Wood Cemetery*

“It was indeed Elias Howe, not Singer, who invented and patented the sewing machine in America! Though his innovation was patented in 1846, Howe spent many years developing his machines and litigating over his rights to the technology. Ultimately, he was successful, dramatically increasing his wealth through royalties on every sewing machine manufactured in America.”

Although not the only person who had the idea he was the only one who successfully finalized the machine and fought 8 years to defend his patent. His story is amazing…You can read more about him HERE and HERE

We had a great time during that trip! Although this post is from NY we will be posting videos of our entire trip starting with Chicago and you can see the first one below. greenwood-cemetery-ny trees greenwood-cemetery-1 dsc08868 greenwood-cemetery elias-howe-jr basquiat battle-ave angel green-grass