HI DARLINGS! Old Navy has recruited the kids and me to give you some excellent gift ideas that other kids their age would love. As you know, Imani and Lil Randy love to shop as much as mom, and they had no problem picking out what they REALLY wanted for the holidays. Check out the video below for some fun ideas brought to you by my adorable kiddos.

Here are some 3 tips to shopping for tweens:

  • Pick items that are always on trend like cool denim, iTunes gift cards, and sneakers.
  • Find out what their favorite hobby is and buy something that is a want and not a need.
  • Ask them! I have a tweens, teens and adult children and at some point, they really appreciate being asked what they want.

Links to the items show are below 😉img_0419 img_0986 img_3140 img_5627 img_1430

Imani’s Picks: Red Coat / Black Boots (not available online) / Brown Boots / Sweater / Jeans

Randy’s Picks: Sweater / Beenie / Sneakers / Slippers / Flannel