HI DARLINGS! Well it’s Friday and I couldn’t be happier because I am going to take Saturday to sew and relax. I have so much catching up to do and it feels like as soon as I start to get a handle on the schedule it gets turned upside down again, lol.

Although I love what we do here at Mimi G Style I can’t wait until the 19th for my annual “blogging vacation” I try to shut down and just enjoy some time off until the 2nd… then we are back with greater things!

Ok so on to todays #OOTD…This look is just as cozy as it looks and I am so into the extreme length sleeves! I love hiding my hands, LOL! The jeans are from GAP, my sweater is from H&M (not online) and my boots are from my recent BLACK FRIDAY HAUL VIDEO at STEVE MADDEN. Have a great weekend!

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