Hi Darlings, We are off to the airport in a few hours for a week-long trip to New Orleans! We are so excited to share this trip with you, and since we have a full schedule, there will be a lot to share. We have all the kids packed and ready to go including their carry one backpacks which are filled with snacks, toys, iPads, Nintendo DS’s and headphones. They will be well entertained on the flight. As for me and the hubby, we will probably spend our time working, lol! I have editing to do, and he has some scripts to read.

Now because we will be in NOLA all week I won’t be posting on the blog every day so make sure you are following on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so you can see pics and enjoy the trip with us! I am not doing a traditional Meet and Greet in NOLA but instead will be Tweeting our locations so if you are in the neighborhood you can find us and say hello.

Be well my darlings and I will see you all on social media! #FollowYourNOLA

“Sponsored by New Orleans”