HI DARLINGS! I am totally knocking this jumpsuit off… I found it at a small indian shop in DTLA and I fell in love. It is so easy to wear, incredibly comfy and so sexy….even if you do look like you have on a wet diaper, LOL!!!

I am going to make myself one of these and I will promise to share how I do it so you can do it too. It is made of what feels like a CHALLIS so I will probably use the same fabric.

I am off to shop for Chastidy’s birthday party tomorrow, can you guys believe she is turning 23!!! Where did the time go? Oh! and in case you are wondering my sandals are from SHEIK HERE

DSC08396 DSC08331 DSC08322 DSC08440 DSC08128 DSC08288 DSC08426 DSC08269 DSC08434 DSC08228 DSC08151 DSC08256 DSC08365