Hi Darlings, I am sure you’ve noticed my absence this week, but we are in the last round of final touches to the house and I am working hard to finish. I am dying to show you all how great the house looks. So recently we have been getting a lot of requests for the Obi Belt Pattern, which I somehow misplaced some time ago, but thanks to Kelly we have the FREE printable available once again, and you can visit the video linked below for a bit more help. It’s one of my oldest free tutorials so the quality is terrible but you can still follow along. HERE is the original Obi Belt Pattern Download I made to go with my striped dress (shown below) and you can view the SEW-ALONG VIDEO HERE Enjoy!


Now for all my DIY Darlings, here is a tiny SALE on ALL TUTORIALS so you can get busy sewing this weekend! SAVE 15% ON ANY TWO TUTORIALS Use Code: SAVE15 CLICK HERE to purchase your tutorial and save. Have a great weekend!