HI DARLINGS! Happy humpday. Today I am in such a zen place. I finally had a moment to set up my home office and I couldn’t be happier. I have been so busy that I just had not found time to set up a space at my home where I could work, can you believe I had zero sewing machines at home?? Well, I finally took care of that. My office is in DTLA and although my office is awesome I like being able to work from home some days especially if no one needs me for something or I am not taking meetings. If you didn’t see my office tour you can check it out HERE. I will also give you guys a look at my home office once I finish recovering my cutting table, lol.

Okay on to my DIY look. This dress is my PDF PATTERN THE JESSICA. I love this dress so much and this pattern has sold like crazy since I released it. I love that I can make it from just about any fabric and it can be dressed up, dressed down and even shortened to be a top like THIS POST or a maxi length like THIS POST.

If those weren’t reasons enough to get this pattern it also can be worn all year round. I decided to pair it with my DIY TURTLENECK from THIS pattern so I could wear it when it starts getting cooler and with tights and boots you could wear it through the winter!