HI DARLINGS! I just gotta tell you that I am utterly in love with this leather DIY dress. I am going to make it again in red because it is HOT!!! I used MCCALL #8139 VIEW A. This is a really simple pattern to sew and if you have made a button-up shirt then this is a breeze. If you want to learn to sew visit SEWITACADEMY.COM

I picked up some stretch faux leather which we will be stocking soon at MELANATEDFABRICS.COM It wasnt hard to sew with if you know some basics.


  • Use a rotary cutter
  • Don’t pin it, use wonder clips instead because you will leave marks in your leather.
  • Make sure you go slow if you need to because you can’t remove stitched without leaving holes in the fabric.
  • In some cases you may need a Teflon foot or a roller foot so that your presser foot doesn’t stick to the leather, This faux leather did not stick so I was able to use my regular foot.
  • Always test your thread and needle on scrap leather. I used a topstitching needle instead of a leather needle because this was rather thin.