HI DARLINGS! Let’s talk about how easy this great dress is to sew. It took me about an hour to sew up after cutting it out. I think I am going to start doing pattern reviews a bit more like I use to because I realize how much I rely on pattern reviews to see if I want to bother making it and/or if I there any things I need to watch out for which is so helpful to know about a pattern before you get started.


This pattern is simple and really a breeze to sew, the gathering at the sleeve doesn’t take long at all and since you are just stitching your cuff on it makes it all pretty straight forward. The cutest feature of this MCCALL 7967 PATTERN aside from the sleeves of course is the front gather. When I posted this on INSTAGRAM there were a few comments asking if the neck was hard to do and it’s not.


The neckline on MCCALL 7967 is actually just a round neckline that you turn under and stitch and then using a piece of elastic you stitch it down to the CF to create the gathering. For me that method never gives me the amount of gathering I want so instead I make two narrow rows of basting stitches, I pull to gather and then tie off my thread, then I stitch the last to the back to secure. It always comes out much better.


The fabric is a wool/knit blend so its not super stretchy but stretch enough and hold shape and recover. I loved the polka dots and this green! I tried finding it on the MOOD FABRIC site but it wasn’t there.