HI DARLINGS! I am literally counting the days to until my birthday… I am so ready for my vacation. Todays look is from the last course in the SEW IT ACADEMY. After drafting and creating our skirt slopers we learned to make two different skirts from that one sloper… this was one of them. You can read about the SEW IT ACADEMY (HERE)

The sweater is from FOREVER 21, my shoes are from STEVE MADDEN and the purse is my everyday LOUIS VUITTON. The scarf is a recent purchase from URBAN OUTFITTERS.

** YOU CAN PURCHASE JUST THIS COURSE HERE**dsc06869 dsc06697 dsc06756 dsc06796 dsc06911 dsc06743 dsc06692 dsc06915 dsc06822 dsc06833 dsc06724 dsc06922 dsc06768 dsc06892sig12

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