HI DARLINGS! Well by the time this post publishes I will be in  I am in Puerto Rico and loving every minute. I can’t wait to share pics and tell you all about my trip. I manage to photograph before leaving so I could share this great dress. I have been looking to make VOGUe 1584 for a long time now and finally got around to it. I used this great ITY knit from Joann Fabrics.  The colors are so great and vibrant that I couldn’t resist. I plan to make it again in a solid and longer length.

I am actually getting ready to pack after I finish typing this blog post up so I am keeping it short and sweet. This pattern is a quick sew and has a side zipper which I loved. Since there is a seam at the waistline you can just pull it on but adding the zipper to the back would have been weird considering the shape of the bodice.

Well I am off to enjoy myself!