HI DARLINGS! I can’t believe it is already Wednesday…it seems like my days keep getting shorter and shorter. As if I didn’t have enough to do already with my businesses I have been working so much on the beginner sewing course for SEW IT! I am really excited about it and I want to make sure you will love it.

I made this dress doing the video tutorial for my #8123 SIMPLICITY PATTERN and figured I would wear it and post a few pics because I love this fabric and have had it for years in my stash. If you haven’t purchased my NEW SUMMER PATTERNS yet you can find them at your local Joann, Walmart, Hobby Lobby and more.

My Sandals can be found HERE KY1A5688 KY1A5747 KY1A5937 KY1A5672 KY1A5862 IMG_7292 KY1A5780 KY1A5840 KY1A5757 KY1A5700 KY1A5974

sew750We will be launching May 9th with the BEGINNERS SEWING COURSE where I will cover EVERYTHING you need to know about learning to sew, from turning your sewing machine on and understanding what everything is, to creating your very own clothes. These videos will give you a complete overview of the skills and tools you’ll need to build your sewing foundation. Sewing is FUN and SEXY!  

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