HI DARLINGS! Our January course for SEW IT ACADEMY publishes tomorrow and I am so excited. We have spent the last 8 months learning a ton of techniques, basic drafting, have made several garments and have had a great time doing it. Since 2017 has a lot more intensive classes I thought it would be so fun to shake things up a bit and have a little fun making lacey things with MADALYNNE or MADALYNNE.COM

Maddie is our first guest instructor in the SEW IT ACADEMY she is also a fellow SIMPLICITY licensee. She is our first but won’t be our last, we have a lot of great things planned for 2017. We had a great time filming her and even learning from her which is always a plus for me. She was also amazingly cool so I asked her to teach at this year’s Annual Conference (registration and details for the conference post soon) mimi-g-madalynne-28Maddie was also kind enough to share the pics she took while in my DTLA studio so I thought I would give you a peek at the Mimi G Style headquarters 😉

If you want to learn to sew or have a friend who wants to learn to sew make sure to sign up for SEW IT ACADEMY! A special discount will be given to all students of SEW IT ACADEMY so they can purchase any of MADALYNNE’S patterns.

I hope you enjoy the pics below. xoxomimi-g-madalynne-3 mimi-g-madalynne-40 mimi-g-madalynne-24 mimi-g-madalynne-11 FINALmimi-g-madalynne-31 mimi-g-madalynne-33 mimi-g-madalynne-27 mimi-g-madalynne-13 mimi-g-madalynne-44 mimi-g-madalynne-32 mimi-g-madalynne-45 mimi-g-madalynne-47 mimi-g-madalynne-43 mimi-g-madalynne-30 mimi-g-madalynne-23 mimi-g-madalynne-17 mimi-g-madalynne-16 mimi-g-madalynne-35 mimi-g-madalynne-15 mimi-g-madalynne-8 mimi-g-madalynne-19 mimi-g-madalynne-22 mimi-g-madalynne-52signature

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