LOL! Hi Darlings, Well….I think I ate enough over the last week to completely destroy any progress I had made with Ripped in 30. So, do I stop? Do I give up? NO! I am back on top of things today. I don’t know why I thought that I was strong enough to be around all this food and stay on track…silly me…but what I do know is that I know exactly what to do and I am back to doing it. Now, because I messed up royally I am starting from the top. YES I said from the top, day 1 all over again and now I am going to attempt to this straight through, no skipping, no breaks. How did you guys do?

I enjoy being honest with you guys and showing that this is not a race it is a marathon and I am in for the long haul I don’t NEED to be skinny but I need to be healthy!