HI DARLINGS! Well I pulled off yet another shindig and this one was extra fun because it was for my first born baby. When I moved into the new LA house she immediately asked if she could have her 23rd birthday party here. She had never had a birthday party before so I was eager to do it for her!

I invited a few close friends and started planning her party. Thanks to STELLA ARTOIS for sponsoring the amazing beer, glassware, napkins and cheese plate for her party! She loves Stella Artois so that was a big hit for her, lol.DSC09401 I took the picnic table and brought it inside,  and covered the dining table and picnic table with white table cloths. I bought fresh flowers and made a few flower arrangements for the center of the tables.DSC09407 Everyone loved the glassware, it was so fancy looking, lolDSC09562 I am only going to show you a pic or two of the yard because I am going to do a before and after post on the yard next week but I wanted to show the fire pit and the cafe lights I had hung in the yard for her party.DSC09682 DSC09472 Once everything was set up I put the beer on ice to chill. A quick tip about serving drinks, I used a few of these tubs in different areas of the house and yard so it was always within reach and it avoided everyone having to come back into the kitchen just to grab a beer.DSC09449 I also made a few appetizers like this caprese skewers and drizzled them with a balsamic vinaigrette. We had some cheese, yummy lunch meats, fruit, chips etc..DSC09447 DSC09491 DSC09487 DSC09476 DSC09703 DSC09523 DSC09502 this picture almost says it all! She had such a great time and was so happy to see all of her friends there to celebrate with her.chas DSC09839We had some finger foods catered like these amazing sliders. We also had shrimp skewers, buffalo chicken meatballs, ribs and salmon cakes. DSC09802 DSC09779 DSC09926 DSC09887 DSC09876 I don’t think I could have asked for a better party for my baby and she was beyond happy. Of course ti wouldn’t be a real party if I wasn’t caught taking a selfie before everyone arrived, LOL!!DSC09757 DSC09716Thank you for all the birthday wishes you guys sent her on my IG and FB! Thank you Stella Artois for being so rad!

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