HI DARLINGS! Guess what? WE MADE IT BACK HOME!!! Omg, I promise you I thought I was never going to get out of Denver. That blizzard was crazy! We finally got on a flight at 7 pm last night and the line to check bags was 3 hours long!! We literally called our colleagues and had them send a car for our bags so they could ship them home and we could make our flight. I have never seen lines that long, blew my mind.

I almost kissed my floor when I got home, but I am not crazy, lol. Okay, we are now back to awesome 76-degree weather and sunshine and life is back to normal…for a few weeks at least. Now let’s talk DIY KIMONO.


DIY KIMONO PATTERN: Okay I made this Kimono using VOGUE 1610 and posted it HERE when I wore it as a dress.

STYLE: These are my favorite wide leg jeans from FREE PEOPLE, The hat is from Target and the t-shirt is thrifted. You can shop the look below!