Hi Darlings, I love being able to share things that excite me, and this is one of those things. I am fortunate to work with some really great brands but every now and then I get to work with a company that offers a really useful service, and Blue Apron is that service. You guys know how busy my days get and sometimes I just cant even make it to the grocery store which unfortunately means we eat out a lot.

So, when the opportunity to work with Blue Apron came up I was stoked. I mean seriously darlings…THREE meals shipped to your home with everything you need to make the dishes, including beautiful recipe cards…..how do you say no to that.

*This post is sponsored by Blue Apron*


This is how it all works, you sign up for the service and every week you get 3 meals delivered to your door in an ice-packed box so cold ingredients stay cold.

  • Meals are 500-700 calories per serving
  • 35 minutes to prepare on average
  • Pre-portioned ingredients to save time and reduce waste
  • Easy to follow beautifully printed recipe cards
  • No commitments, Menus are available so you know what to expect and the meals start at just $9.99 per person per meal!
  • Blue Apron is available to most of the country, shipping to over 80% of the country CLICK HERE for a full map
  • Blue Apron sends meals that you wouldn’t always decide to make on your own, so it helps you discover new recipes and/or improves your cooking techniques
  • Shipping is always free!

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boxI took everything out of the box and stocked my fridge! It was nice knowing that I had everything I needed to make my family 3 delicious meals that week. I didn’t have to think about what I was making or worry about having to run out to the store.

fridgeI chose to make the CRISPY FISH TACOS first and they were delicious! The recipe card makes it super easy and I love the guided pics. The really great thing about Blue Apron is that we get to experience new meals we would normally not think to make. No matter how many servings you need for your family everything is pre-portioned so you don’t end up with leftover ingredients that go to waste.

prepPrep time was fast and easy. Everything in the box was carefully labeled so I could grab what you needed front he fridge.

prep2The cabbage slaw with lime, red onion and cilantro was a yummy topping! I made it first to let it soak up the lime juice.

cabbage limesMaking the guacamole was super easy and it tasted so good! The avocados were so fresh!

avocadoI think I was most excited about making my own salsa verde. I had never worked with tomatillos before so I really loved learning something new and now I will always know how to make this yummy salsa verde.


salsa verde sauceWhile the tomatillo sauce was simmering I prepped and made my fish. The fact that they even include the seasoning is just amazing, I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

fishTime to eat! You hungry yet? To learn more about Blue Apron click HEREtaco2tacos1

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