HI DARLINGS! I hope you guys are getting ready for my favorite holiday, THANKSGIVING! We are so not cooking this year and instead just enjoying friends and family, so I am thankful for my sissy April who is hosting us, lol. I have been going through it you guys trying to get my mom to a specialist because she is having some infections happening and it is stressing me out. Now we have another series of things to deal with for her, but I stand firm in my faith that God will get us through this too. If you pray, please add my mom to your list 😉

Okay, so I am trying to see what I plan to wear to my sister’s house because I want to be comfortable but cute. I haven’t decided yet, but after wearing THESE elastic waist velvet wide leg pants, I think I am going with something similar to this look.


I am posting my second look option tomorrow. I made a tweed pullover top that I am loving!! See you tomorrow.