HI DARLINGS! Happy New Year. This is my first post of 2018, and I can tell you now that this year is going to be AHHHHMAZING! There is so much going on already that I started off the year in full throttle. I did not do a lookbook in 2016, and everyone kept asking me to please do one for 2017 so HERE IT IS!

234 PAGES! Links to tutorials I may have used, pattern info for DIYs and store info for my retail purchases. The lookbook is a great way to get inspired and find looks you may have in your closet. Use my 98 looks to help you navigate your wardrobe.

Also, as a thank you to everyone who purchases the lookbook I have included in the lookbook a LINK TO A FREE PDF PATTERN from 2017, the comfortable and versatile jumper shown in the sneak peek below.

You can view the lookbook just like a magazine when you purchase HERE, and you also can download it as a pdf to keep handy.

If you missed my insta-stories last week, you might not have heard me announce all that I have planned for January, so please check back in Wednesday to see how this month I plan to make 10 MUST HAVE ME MADE ITEMS!

Here is a peek at a few pages in the 234 PAGE LOOKBOOK! GET YOURS NOW